Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eternal Kiss--The first 10 pages

Eternal Kiss
by Ste'phane Parker

I was told that we are mortals until the first kiss…
Tonight is going to simply be amazing… I know it

I’m sitting here, imagining your presence in my place
I’m growing anxious and finding it harder and harder to wait

Patient for your face, I glance out the window and gaze upwards
I control my excitedly jumping nerves by reciting a personal mantra of words

"Be like the river… calm and smooth… be… like… the… river "

Dark blue and pink clouds scatter themselves throughout the vast purple sky
I hear crickets quickly and continuously chirping, it’s going to be a hot night

I pace around the house cleaning up and straightening items
As I grab the candles debating if I will light ‘em, anticipation heightens

Maybe I shouldn’t light ‘em… but she’ll be here in a minute… Ok, I’ll light ‘em

I go to the kitchen, check dinner, and decide to let it cook a half hour more
I pick up our chilled bottle of wine as I envision what our night has in store

I earnestly await your face and the allurement of your perfume
Thoughts race in my head and chill my body despite the heat of June

365 days together, committed to you… it’s been wonderful

Our one year anniversary is here, it seemed to have come so fast
Tonight, seconds will be years and we’ll never let the moment pass

From the doorway to the back yard and every other section
When you walk into my house, I promise to show you affection

Still mesmerizing over the endless beauty of the sky
I admire at how gently and effortlessly the stars lie

Wow… the world is beautiful

I hear your light rapping at the door and I react responsively
Steady visions of us together keep me balanced, at a serene peace

In a straight line I head for the door, nonstop
I pursue the tapping as again I hear you gently knock

Knock… kn, kn, knock, knock… knock, knock

I peek through the peep hole and see you standing
Your hair subtly blows in the wind while your physique becomes demanding

Look at my face, look at my body, look at all of this… tonight… I’m all yours... just open the door

You’re holding Happy Anniversary balloons and a small black bag
Your small white purse peeks from under your arm and I’m so glad…

You are finally here!

I swing my peering from your earrings to eyes, from your eyes to earrings
Seems like my brain stops working but my eyes notice you and they starting cheering…

“Open the door… open the door”… I confidently open the door

The door swings open and then you glide inside
Your smiling lips spread wide while in my grasp you confide

We embrace

Your scent fills my nose with a terrifically elegant fragrance
I start to think that the putting on of this aphrodisiac was flagrant

You smell so good and your body is so warm

The temperature of the hallway is increasing
I feel your chest and in unison we’re breathing

You are my rhythm

We gently release the other, and at the other we just stare
I notice your hair and I also notice your seductive dress wear

I close the door

We walk into the living room as you ask, “What’s cooking?”
I answer “Rice pilaf and baked chicken” as I glance at your seductive looking

You have on a soft, powder blue skirt with a matching tank top
Not for one second did my mental giving of thanks stop

Thank you for being so fine… thank you for being so mine

You give me the balloons and then spread another beautiful smile
Though I just saw you last week it seems like it has been a long while

I accept the gift with gratitude

Leading you into the living room I show you the pictures that have the wall lined
While you look, I take a quick peek at my wrist watch to notice the time…

It’s just about… 10:10pm

You briefly look around the living room to admire the new art work
Like a ballerina, you gracefully turn around to face me and I feel the spark

You’re staring at me, at you, I stare
Our shine pulsates around the room because our sparks flare

I’m like a deer in headlights, I’m stopped stiff
Time slips, everything seems to pause for this

Sounds can’t be heard… everything becomes quiet… I feel weird sensations

Without any words being spoken, I can hear your delicate speech
Though you’re no longer touching me, I’m still gripped within your hold’s reach

Your movements appear to my eyes in slow motion…

You enter into my inviting soul without me blinking
Without hesitation, you make your way into my thinking

You ease close; set your purse on the table… and you…

Bring your head up and kiss my chin, then you kiss my neck
You quickly send your lips to my Adam’s apple tender flesh


You lean back and stand on the tips of your toes
Very easily, your kiss heats me up until I’m totally froze

I see... you’re in pecking mood

The sensations I feel are special, the feeling is impeccable
Your lips move over me just like you’re a bird and you’re pecking food

They move here and kiss me there… over there and kiss me right here

You have rich kisses like your chocolate mouth has been kept in jewels
Molecules race through my body jetting fuel and they’re set to cruise

So that…

My brain can stay conscious, so that my brain can stay focused
I’m in a trance-like coma from your passionate aroma and my heart is now open

Angels surveillance your lip’s angle, sending the secrets to Infinite Intelligence
My body wets from your appetite and my calm liquid soul is drenched

I seem to be sweating as your fiery lips kiss my mouth

Your tongue sings the most beautiful song that’s ever been sung
The way it sways side to side, my pendulum-like mind is swung…

Over a cliff!

I seem to quickly fall into your erotic abyss
I’m lost within your kiss Alice, I’m in wonderland and you’re my atlas

You wonderfully sweep me across worlds with your twirl
Your fingers at my neck’s nape make my hairs curl and ideas to swirl

My ideas mix and blend… they blend and mix

A million times within this first kiss I mentally grin
I replay our kiss again and again and again

Seconds slow to hours and I seem to be froze
Millions of visions tumble around my mind like laundry loads

I can see this and all of our kisses in vivid detail… and…

I envision your lips pressed against mine for a lapse of time
Long enough to equal a million, billion laps of Time

You pass breath to me, you pass life to me
Stirring up memories in my brain from a past life of we

We are the original Lovers

Thoughts as gentle as a spring’s wind sweep through my mind
Nostalgic images grow ripe and stem from my mental vine

Everything that we’ve been through has been called a fantasy
I’ve battled three headed dragons and beheaded them rapidly

During the wars of the worlds I was a strategic colonel
I was shooting stars as ammunition from galactic guns just to earn you


Sailed up and down the river of time being secluded
Draped in veils of pleasantries, and towards memories we’ve always alluded


Been thunderous arrows shot across rainbows
Swam through the glittering soups put into pots of gold


Dropped coins in wishing wells as large as Moby Dick
Turned sea serpents into servants to always wait for us to quit


Carved round tables and authored books for a King
Pranced a lot in Camelot in the types of nights that are made for dreams

In our past lives…

Egypt has seen us and our combination of locking lips
We’ve left London bubbling with the heat from our French trysts


I remember in ancient Greece when you couldn’t wait to see me
When we hugged, that moment was our seizing and that was 69 B.C.


We’ve traveled the galaxies rapidly, dicing the cosmos within eye blinks
Sailing Heaven’s seas like the 7 seas showering love causing spaced ships to sink

You know what?

This kiss is like a hurricane with the force of a surging train
It’s like a having a Certs of flame, it’s like opening the curtains to fame


You are my action movie, my suspenseful, romantic thriller
You are my tongue dancing killer, you are my destiny fulfiller

I compare kissing you to a warm and pleasant breeze
You buckle my knees with a peaceful ease similar to serene seas

Your lips are so, so sweet…

They must be covered with the glaze of a honeyed moon
My heart lights bright as I venture into your historically oral rune

My love for you shows the path

The endless mysteries that lie within you kissing me
Is like a praying mantis in Atlantis with Aladdin’s lamp whose desire leads to wishing me

Puzzling?... I know

You chill my flesh while simultaneously heating my insides
The invincible summer that reigns in my veins wants to spring forth and collide…

With your mind… with your body… and with your soul to…

Gently fall and then enter into your every ebony pore
Massaging your intuition with attention, your heart will become an unlocked door…

Only opening to me

I want to express to you what your mouth expresses to my soul
I want your spirit and body and I want both to be under my ingenious control

That’s my mission

With my drifting tongue, I manipulate the ripples of our lake
I want you to feel the rushing rivers of sensations roll as my tongue skates

This front room is turning into a coliseum that houses our great clash
I honestly believe that we can hold this kiss until Eternity throws its white flag

But maybe…

I’m going a bit too far while I’m holding on to this star
Too long have I been contained by glass, this butterfly wants out its jar…

So I can soar!

I’m fantastically swept within a gust of lust to the ninth cloud
In solitary confinement with you as my bed linen, I could sleep within a giant crowd

Peacefully… and I always tell people that…

No one could ever possibly deter me from her
She’s my fine feline, the cat’s meow and I love her purr

Our foundation and palace of love…

Is being built with our tongues madly at work
Melting kisses that are as sweet as syrup help me discover Mrs. Butter’s worth

You… are… Priceless!!!


Since I’ve seen you and met you in this world
I’ve always known that you’d end up my girl

I knew… from the first day I saw you…

I could hear the passionate throes echo throughout your soul
You were looking for someone to help future memories to be outlined in bold

Then… you looked at me

You had a pair of eagle eyes that could pierce through metal hearts
I recognized that you had a pair of wrecking eyes, you tore me apart

You broke down my cool reserve

You didn’t walk, you strolled in powerful strides
I watched closely as our attractive vibes vied to collide

I approached you in a confident and calm fashion
The chill of spring’s breeze didn’t cool the flame of our matching

We shared an inextinguishable flame

I told you that you were beautiful and that you were beyond description
You heard of my muted intentions before your ears could ever listen

Was that odd?

What was said with my body rang louder than the words that were spoken
You gazed into my soul with an intellect that magnified my intelligence quotient

I became a genius… all because I had seen this…

Woman who was the only reasons my eyes tried to see
Just to absorb your seduction into my lungs is the only reason my nose was meant to breathe

You are the reason that…

My consciously unconscious brain wants to think
Why my sailing thoughts vowed that they would never sink

You are the reason…

That my touch wants your hand and why my legs stand
Why I grew into a man and why I promise to do all I can

You made my life come alive… then you spoke

The sound of your voice was an audible elixir
I concentrated on your kisser as I wondered if you were Love’s sister…


You sang sentences from your thoughts that vibrated my inner chords
Each syllable sliced and cut away my apprehension like a samurai sword

I asked your name and you beamed back a heavenly smile
Your name echoed within and throughout my soul a many of miles

You said your name was…

Without touching me you held me, even without my ears I’d hear your call
Your pupils taught me lessons of tenderness that were impossible for me to fail or to fall

I seemed to have forgotten about all things… except you

Your voice is a panacea that can heal any spiritual wound
You must make flowers bloom and you heated up my body with a smile as hot as June

Your name is…

Your charming name is synonymous with beauty
Attractiveness is graciously draped over you like a negligee and truly…

You’re pierced with enthusiasm… and…

You surged my hormones like I’ve touched live wires
You have the softest grace while possessing the hottest fire

Your grace…

Was like warm silk arousing my skin into a dance
Your enticing eyes seduced me with each seductive glance

Your making love to my sight only insinuated our future action
You sailed my passion like a captain and added the music to my rapping

The spring wind subtly breezed again

Your hair smelled like shampoo and your sweet lips attracted me
Your feminine rhythm had easily entrapped me and matter-of-factly

I was held prisoner in your presence

I fell into the lakes of your soul and fell in love with your mind
I admired your body and longed for our future day of champagne and crying

Our wedding day… trading rings

We’ll walk on divine rugs and bring the angelic doves to sing
Our eyes will forever gleam while our love is permanently stitched within the seams…

Of a great quilt built by the greatest romantic lovers off all time

Your smile spreads tenderness and your angelic movements were the signs
Your true intention was to once again return to Earth to turn my life divine

You’re my angel… listen… since I’ve seen you…

I can’t imagine the world without us in the same place
I’ve found my destination since I’ve placed faith within fate

I believe in you… I believe in us

I saw that you were the essence of what imagination could create
You entranced my thoughts and manipulated realities to where I’m positive to state…

Dreams dream dreams where the fantasy woman wears your face
Know that our past, present, and future could never, ever be erased

We will always be here to love each other

If I were cryogenically frozen for a million years my love would still burn
It’s too solid to urn and I promise for you that I will always and forever yearn

It seems that…

Time speeds up to chase you away from the embrace of my loving arms
I believe it’s jealous and even eternity wishes again to possess your charm

Promise to never leave my side because I’ll never leave yours
I’ll always love you and intimately breathe you; you’ll seep and permeate my every pore

I think… maybe… just maybe…

You were born a terrorist or maybe even a kleptomaniac
You leave the mental planes inside my cranium high jacked

You overtly steal my attention without ever even knowing it
You have sexiness woven into you every gesture and motion with no sewing kit

Your name… again… is…

Your charming name is synonymous with beauty
I know the day you left heaven to seek me caused the angels to act unruly

But once you’ve been met… no life form wants to see you leave

I’ve wished for your affection and then received the route to your direction
You’re mixed with all elements of pureness, that’s the only way to get your type of perfection

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